Saturday Smells Good To Me Today, a poem by Phyllis Schwartz at
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Saturday Smells Good To Me Today

Saturday Smells Good to Me Today

written by: Phyllis Schwartz


Saturday smells good to me today,
from my balcony looks good to me today.

Palm trees and pines,
Flowers on vines.

Their fragrance releases my tension
despite blackbirds vying for attention,

I can hear the sounds of walkers talking
secrets on the road below.

While I take pictures of my toes, comparing them to pearly seashells
they look up at the crinkly sound of my newspaper.

No one knows I’m eavesdropping from above,
as I skip the headlines trying to make me sad today.

Flip to better ones “A seal found near the freeway.”
Was he trying to get free and away?

The sounds of cars driving by the coast, faraway.
Strange like a hushed lullaby.

Someone not me’s working today ‘cause nearby
I hear a tool ping on cement then soft cursing.

The sun on one cheek makes the other jealous.
The whole Midwest is jealous.

The ocean shrugs its wavy shoulders at me,
Wishes it could weave seagrass into my hair.

To prepare for the beach bonfire dance tonight, don’t forget to invite
the hummingbird and her egret boyfriend.

Maybe now I can make it ’til Sunday.
On this Encinitas winter weekend.

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