Synchronized Chaos: Bullet, Holocaust and Cremains, poetry by Emmanuel Umeji at
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Synchronized Chaos: Bullet, Holocaust and Cremains

Synchronized Chaos

Bullet, Holocaust and Cremains

written by: Emmanuel Umeji



A thousand raiders/ burst into our land/ like a swarm of bees/ we were chased/ out of our huts and shacks/ by the dreadful cracks of ‘eir guns/ Mama tied me to her back/ Father’s face sank into the befuddled movements/ of the absconding crowds/ men were to sprinting in hundreds/ out of our land/ whizzing balls began to sing in the air/ like a choir ministration/ each song was followed by the fall of a soul/ Mama’s soul went for one/ I untied myself/ from her deserted body/ and scampered into a hide/ in a neighbouring copse/ as tears and fear traced out from my face/ I cast a brief look at the red men/ from my foxhole/ watching our tower of serenity/ being demolished in the blink of an eye— / our land held billions bodies robbed of their souls/ and drank billabongs of blood/ a bullet traced my face/ ran by my ear/ and stone-deafened me/ a flame stood on the knob of a matchstick/and landed on our fuel-watered land/ and ate everything eatable in a holocaust/ as the raging holocaust belched out billows of smoke/ into the eye of the guiltless sky/ I escaped the bullet by a whisker/ but the holocaust caught me/ ate me/ and abandoned me as a heap of cremains.

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