Cowboy Coffee, a poem written by Roger Turner at

Cowboy Coffee

Cowboy Coffee

written by: Roger Turner



wind is coming in
sun is just showing
horses are watered
fire is glowing

movement is starting
the camp is awake
cookie is working
there’s breakfast to make

no fancy croissants
or drinks laced with toffee
this is good solid food
and strong cowboy coffee

it gets its day job done
it ain’t always so nice
later on in the day
it gets served by the slice

mud, java, joe
it’s got lots of names
and at each cowboy camp
it still tastes the same

grounds at the bottom
thick as coal tar
without cowboy coffee
you will not go far

eggs, beans and bacon
and bread texas thick
to wipe up what’s left
and get every lick

here out on the trail
you won’t find any toffee
we eat solid grub
and we drink cowboy coffee

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