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Take A Minute!

Take A Minute!

written by: Rini Porwal


This world has become so fast;
Things can be done in a click;
Stories change in a blink;
This is the technology blast!

What has happened to us,
That we have forgotten to know what we possess?
How has this technology been able to our smile suppress?
What happened to the days of togetherness?
What happened to the times us being generous?
Why do we lately encounter nights sleepless?
Have we forgotten ourselves somewhere in the crowd?

How don’t we realize what we eat,
what we cook,
what we feel,
what we dream,
who we are?

What is it keeping us from knowing ourselves?
It’s the instantaneous world!

Take a minute
to impute
what you’ve earned.

Take a breath,
know who you are
and process the rest!

Rini Porwal

Rini Porwal

Rini Porwal is a 14 year old school student from Kolhapur. She loves writing poems which reach out to people. She also loves playing guitar. She is a nature-lover.
Rini Porwal

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