Everyone Returns To Dust, written by Beth Tremaglio at Spillwords.com

Everyone Returns To Dust

Everyone Returns To Dust

written by: Beth Tremaglio



The moment you were born your body began growing old.

The moment you fear aging,
is the very moment youth is lost.

The moment you realize everyone is bought and sold for a price, is the moment you begin to understand the system of men/women lording over you.

The moment you discover the truth about yourself, you will in return demand it from the world around you.

Realize people will fight the oppressed rather than the oppressor, you will then understand humanities constant state of deliberate wars.

Realize you will find a friend in your enemy and an enemy in your friends.

Realize some of what happens to you, happens simply because of you and passing accountability to another will only prolong your state.

Realize your bitterness will find you, as you age you will have no choice but to sleep with what you have ignored.

Understand that the poor have no boot straps, be careful about clever clichés that clothe reality.

Realize you don’t have to answer the door to everyone that knocks, not even yourself.

Everyone lies

Everyone tells the truth

Everyone’s heart is impure

Everyone lives

Everyone returns to dust that shows no favoritism of race, gender or economic class.

Beth Tremaglio

Beth Tremaglio

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