Tanka to Eat.... written by Genie Nakano at Spillwords.com

Tanka to Eat….

Tanka to Eat….

written by: Genie Nakano



how many minutes
does it take to get
out of bed
on a cold december morning
under cover i lay

pondering weather
to move or not to move
fight x-mas traffic
or make a cup of tea
and go back to bed

get up get up
you lazy bones, mom says
she’s been dead for twenty years
but she still calls
“do something, you lazy girl”

I dreamt of you last night
you were
in black and white
no color, just an image

you moved
but did not speak
a silent film
passing on pebbles
an ancestry.com link

I keep trying
keep on buszying
do do do
I am not allowed to loiter
meditation is so hard



This Tanka Series is an antidote to my Holiday Blues. The holidays are hard for me…so I wrote this cathartic series last week. I felt better after doing so…but I need to write more tanka antidotes.

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