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Tantric Moon

Tantric Moon

written by: Arusha Topazzini



yesterday the full moon stopped me in my tracks.

up-up-up in my airless flat,
pacing the restless corners of my mind-
it was that time of night again.
‘look at me’, the moon said.
i froze like a rabbit caught in car-glare,
and my world turned to wonder:

wave after wave of night-mist
soft like exhale,
soft like the tenderest brushstroke
of amethyst and flotsam white-
they flowed ineluctable
beneath the beckoning moon,
timelessly, riotously full.

‘look at me’, the moon said.
the sky was soul-blue dark,
dark like all the pitty-patty footsteps down below,
circlings of another day gone by,
the laughing steps of children chasing after winter,
the prudent steps of the old,
nightblack imprints on yielding snow
tracing sheltered mandalas
in the fullmoon shade of oak and birch.

‘look at me’, the moon said.
almost unbearably, the night-mist
furled and unfurled, tinged with snowshine,
and made me dizzy with wonderment.

and then, she was gone, the moon,
off on her rounds,
another dance with another restless, thirsty soul.

Arusha Topazzini

Arusha Topazzini

Writer, poet, Tantra practitioner based in Sweden & India. Author of 'A Mother Dies'
Arusha Topazzini

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