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once in a while you visit:

a memory of my great-grandmother

written by: Arusha Topazzini



once in a while, you visit,
sudden, unbeckoned, always acknowledged
with a smile infinitely sad and tender
that unfolds its butterfly wings
and dragonfly depth
in the space between breaths,
somewhere between my remembering heart
and my childhood me.
once in a while, you visit,
bestowing upon the instant
scents and tastes, confetti-like,
and right now,
it was a waft of Sunday and winter,
the pastel clear sweetness of dragées,
sugar cool like old-fashioned water, and sticky;
right now, it was a murmur of your smell,
honeysuckle cologne too fresh and flowery for truth,
weaved into the vaguely brittle mustiness
of your deep old-age,
and a hundred years of gazing up at the moon every night,
before sleep.

Arusha Topazzini

Arusha Topazzini

Writer, poet, Tantra practitioner based in Sweden & India. Author of 'A Mother Dies'
Arusha Topazzini

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