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The Vintner And The Wine

The Vintner and the Wine

written by: Charlie Bottle



The Vintner when asked about his wine said,
“It’s the environment and conditioning,
The trimming and pruning of thoughts,
The cutting of channels to drain excess words,
The tending to clustered words,
Plucking the half ripe, rotten words,
Spacing them so they grow uncrowded,
Until they ripen in the mind,
And then squeeze them in time’s press,
Until creative juices start draining,
Rushing from the mind to the hands,
On to a pristine sheet,
Forming wells of delectable words,
Long fermented in smoked woods,
Aged in Warm sunsets, Moonlit nights,
Love, Hugs and kisses add the blush,
While memories give lushness to the wine.

Then they come, these pretenders,
Who look for transparent lucidity,
Swirling the words before their eyes,
Sniffing the words to smell its bouquet,
Swishing the words in the mouth,
Deciphering metrics, rhythms and rhymes,
Spitting the words, they proceed to talk,
About the notes, the delicate flavors,
And the fusion of balanced words,
That in harmony, form a full bodied poem.
They then begin to deconstruct the poem,
Digging through buried meanings,
Analyzing The soil and conditions,
The climes, the times, to reach the poet’s mind,
And the aging that birthed these perfect rhymes.

While the Vintner listens, glad for the appreciation,
And laughs at their serious pretentiousness,
For a poem, like good wine goes with the table,
Tasting different to hosts of palates,
As varied as the reasons for imbibing wine,
Like the occasion and the company.

Me, I drink with the votaries of wine,
For we share good times sharing words,
We see the flighted words hit its mark,
The delicate filigree of thoughts joined,
Word by word, and then damascened,
One admires the inlaid patterns,
Of amalgamed feelings and emotions,
And the intricately carved yearnings,
Of hearts that live and love.

Charlie Bottle

Charlie Bottle

Charlie Bottle's passion is poetry. He has lived on three continents, speaks five languages and loves different cultures, people, music and food. He believes that "Poetry uses the economy of words to express the essence of our humanity." It is this magical use of brevity to express the profound that drew him to poetry. While his professional and personal life has pulled him in different directions, He continues in his discipleship of the craft and writes whenever the muse moves him. While English is his second language it is the language in which he lives, breathes, thinks and writes poetry.
Charlie Bottle

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