Tectonic Shifts, a poem by Michael Zeller at Spillwords.com
Ralph Nas

Tectonic Shifts

Tectonic Shifts

written by: Michael Zeller



Beneath my feet I feel the rumble rise
Tectonic movements change the maps we know
What once was solid kneads and folds like dough
Unrolled and stretched beneath the silent skies
The folk of earth cry out and raise their eyes,
Imploring fate and fellow man to show
A helping hand to lift them from below.
A mounting chorus rising in their cries

Our people can no longer duty shirk.
The rumble shakes foundations ‘neath our feet,
Revealing in our platitudes the lie.

Now move for action: Change what doesn’t work!
Bring justice, peace, and hope to all we meet,
An edifice of love can lift us high.

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