Tethered, written by Farlene at Spillwords.com



written by: Farlene



Even when I want to let go
I keep going back
My heart is tethered to your being
And no matter how hard my mind
Tries to pull away
The essence of you still remains
Seeping through the crevices and cracks
Poisoning me with the memories
Of your words
Words that bleed from your mouth
Bitter with anger in the day
And sweet
With the decadence of lust at night

My heart and mind are in a constant
And I am caught in the middle
My body a vessel for their wars
Of Passion and Logic
Thoughts and Fantasies
Love and Hate
I’m imbalanced
And I pray for silence
So I can breathe again



This piece was written during an emotional downpour of thoughts that rained upon me while thinking of the person I love but can’t be with. Hope you enjoy! 🙂

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