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Dream Chaser

written by: Susan Kahil


My dreams are not just fillers for the empty holes made by time
Oh, no they are more, stretching light years into a ceaseless realm
Where imagination transcends into a language of musical parallels
Equations beaming forth, so fast catapulting my zoomed thoughts
That are endless noughts of nothing into realities of bliss
Those same dreams are overtaken following and chasing my now
awakened phantasmagoria masterpieces of creativity.
Unspoken unseen in heart and beyond the unimaginable
I sit upon a lily pad a suspended lake catching all those dreams
Soon to become recycled hand me downs to other mortal dreamers
Crossing the rainbows of wonderment where butterflies sip from the
golden nectar of enlightenment in pure transcendent freedom

Susan Kahil

Susan Kahil

Susan Kahil, author of Starlight Translated 'Blinded Visions' is a poet, singer-songwriter and artist. Her home is Spain although originally from the UK. Many of her works can be seen in a number of anthologies and online publications.
Susan Kahil

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