The Monster, by Maggie Chatterton at

The Monster

The Monster

written by: Maggie Chatterton



Two faces reflecting in my mirror:
One of justice,
One of impurity.
Red meets black…
The suppressed comes up,
And meets me in the reflection.
We are one and the same
Just torn down the middle
Making the glass look cracked.
I want to recoil away,
From the eyes of my suppressed monster…
I cannot decide
Just who I am anymore.
Which face will I end up
Wearing today?
The sweetened light?
Or the bitter darkness?
Which morals will
I carry in my heart?
Will the scale of justice
Rest in my palm?
Or will the bloody knife
Be clenched in my fist?
Why is it that
No one has figured it out yet?
We are one and the same
And yet we are two
Vastly different personalities.
One painted in blood…
One washed in shadows…
I am not the person that I want to be.
I am torn down the middle,
But the two halves are slowly merging together.
Black meets red…
My suppressed is taking over me…
I am losing grip on reality,
Forging a brand new one,
And yet no one has figured out
That the monster is really me.

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