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The Backbone of America

The Backbone of America


by Anne G

Ever wonder why the middle-class is named as such? The middle-class is the backbone of America. It is the spine that holds the body erect; the engine that allows the machine to continue working.

The middle-class is composed of the hardest working individuals in the United States of America. They allow the wealthy to prosper and through their arduous industry provide for the less prosperous. Their blood, sweat and tears translate into the bulk of monies that enter the coffers of our nation; the same dollars which fuel the economy and keep our nation prosperous and strong. All manner of government projects, subsidies, aid, foreign and  otherwise, are generated by the engine that is, our working class.

They are overworked, under appreciated and mostly taken for granted. They are underestimated by the very individuals they trustingly put into office to defend their interests, only to be disappointed time, and time again.

To those in Congress and The White House:

We must take care not to break the “spine” of this great country of ours, for we risk the greatest calamity of all; the collapse of the “body” as a whole. The middle-class is the backbone of America and without it, we would cease to be.

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