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The Bleeding Heart

written by: Khalid Belkhalfi


Do you think you can heal this bleeding heart
only by silly words?
You think I can simply smile,
like nothing has occurred?
Forgiveness cannot be asked now,
after you have hit
My fragile soul with your bitterness,
won't you admit?

Can you somehow weight the nights,
when my eyes refused to sleep
And all the nightmares
in which my mind was falling so deep?
How can you revive a heart,
torn into pieces and ignored
Left alone in many battles
without arms without a sword ...

It's easy to cry now
but your tears can't irrigate
All of my thirsty dried veins,
I guess it is too late
Your words of pardon
echo in the hasty wind and disappear
Like a washed footprint
in a shore that never reappear ...

Your name won't vibrate now,
you are the bad past
And like a horrible unpleasant screenplay,
now it has just passed
Don't you ever call my name,
for I no longer belong
To those who do me wrong!
I am someone new and strong ...

Khalid Belkhalfi

Khalid Belkhalfi

I live in the beautiful city of Marrakesh, Morocco. I'm married and I have three kids. I studied in the states between the years of 1985 and 1994. I'm a computer scientist, but I work as a school manager in a large private school. I also teach English literature to kids between 14 and 18 years old. My love of English pushes me to read and write poems. Through this site I would like to read and share with the world the beauty of thoughts while appreciating life.
Khalid Belkhalfi

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