The Blossom Tree, a poem by Andrea Walker at
Irina Iriser

The Blossom Tree

The Blossom Tree

written by: Andrea Walker


There you are sit all alone
In the middle of some grassy field
Your branches reaching to the sun
Your beauty as yet concealed

But still you look so regal
Although you stand so bare
A starkness on the landscape
That nothing can compare

Under the bright glow
Of a spring milky moon
Waiting for your foliage
That will bud so soon

And then behold magnificence
Blooms on every branch
As you ready yourself with grace
To take up your summer stance

And Mother Earth’s generosity
From whom you will feed
As the universe above
Will replenish every other need

You weather any storm
In the wind you dance and sway
As the birds covert your branches
To herald in the new day

Seasons come seasons go
As you stand resolutely rooted
Your beauty is visceral
And can never be diluted

If ever I need to calm myself
It’s you I search for
Your solidness, your presence
Free’s my soul once more

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