The Boy with Achilles Heels, poetry by Lisa Mary Armstrong at

The Boy with Achilles Heels

The Boy with Achilles Heels

written by: Lisa Mary Armstrong



When you were snuggled up
safely in my womb
your Achilles tendons played
a game of tug of war
with your heels

My heart would fall out of my chest
when you asked why you hadn’t been blessed
with perfect feet like all the rest
I smiled really hard as mothers do
when they run out of words

I’d tell you the story of Achilles
A god amongst men
My son, you have two of them
but unlike Achilles
your story doesn’t end
with wars and battle wounds

Your vulnerability is a secret weapon
your Achilles heels
have given you strength,
courage and determination
your ability to bounce back
a source of inspiration
your beautiful feet
you are
the boy with Achilles heels

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