The Cabin, a poem written by Glen Mckenzie at

The Cabin

The Cabin

written by: Glen McKenzie



fog settled over a darkened meadow
enveloping the landscape in a misty discontent
a halo of foreboding girded its secrets
from those trying to pry them free

a haunting presence casually murmured
souls in a cloak of murky existence
a forgotten consciousness that had life
dwell in the confines of this place

ethereal rays of the morning sun
effortlessly injecting life into the landscape
gave birth to a new cycle of night into day
the potential for a new creation

unhindered the warmth of dawn dispelled
the foggy breath of shrouded mystery
unveiling a remnant of hopes and dreams
splintered by time

an exhausted and threadbare cabin
hewed from timberland long ago
appeared like a distressed vessel
from a landscape of lies

grey weathered timbers stood awkwardly
silently worshipping memories of those
discarded truths from the meadow
of dreams and delusions

a stained cold window
opened into the depths of the cabin revealing
the rawness of an abandoned rocking chair
where mother soothed her children

the walls once held dreams of tomorrow
now the dank smell of discarded treasures
permeate the landscape mural
that is now a nightmare

the cabin sits empty its soul ravished
from the diseases of the ancient
a weathered old cabin abandoned
waiting for the inevitable

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