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Where I learned To Dance

written by: Martina Lynch


Fur collar coat and Suzi-Qs'
She was melodic, rhythmic blues
In fifties shift and rumba.
Cigarette smile, unfurled, from crimson lips
kissing the nails from her finger tips
Curls from her hair that swayed with her hips
As she move in my heart like thunder.
Her perfume danced through my veins
Lifting my feet away from the train 
That shackled and rattled my bones 
Bled my brain
In tortuous, divorce, full blunder.
For I was only five back then
She walked the path of a suffragen
Laid out my life, before I was ten
I discovered my feet, and I, divorced them 
My life, my soul, my wonder.

Martina Lynch

Martina Lynch

Writer of poetry for a few years now, often submitting work online through poetry sites, competitions etc. Lived and worked in the Uk all my life. Left school at sixteen began work on the very day I left. I am a Black Country maiden, heart and soul. Born in 1968 aged 49 years my life began a rollercoaster from the age of four. I am a wanderlust and my work reflects who I am. The poetry I write comes from my heart the very roots of me. I am inspired by so many poets, so many favourites, and not all well known if known at all.
Martina Lynch

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