The Cheerful Frog, a poem by Russell Colclough at
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The Cheerful Frog

The Cheerful Frog

written by: Russell Colclough


I’m sitting here in a garden of green. The ducks on the pond just moving along no intention of haste, and the trees so silent strong and tall, the leaves so green though soon to fall.

Calls and songs among the green about their business content and free, the birds sing out, please let our world be.

I hear the ghosts of time, voices all around, I see their likeness inside the pond, they smile at folk who walk along.

Cheerful frog is having a bath, then jumping around onto the path, cheerful frog makes me laugh, how life is meant to be, cheerful frog.

Think I’ll sit here for the rest of the day, maybe my likeness will be in the pond when I drift away, this magical pond will show me the way.

It’s so funny, cheerful frog is clowning around, I think a friend I have found, up and down, side to side, from cheerful frog I cannot hide, cheerful frog is by my side.

This is the place, where my pain will end, I’m eaten away deep inside, and from my death, I cannot hide. Folks say I should be in bed, yet the choice is mine, I close my eyes for one last time…

The pool is alive it’s springtime. I look up from the pool, the trees the sky look mighty fine. I’m in my place inside the pool. I’m a part of the world, I have not died, and cheerful frog will always be,
by my side…

The world is not just a physical place, there is a force of love and grace, beyond the storm there is a light, and the love of the world will hold you tight.

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