The Cohasset Mansion, a poem by PR Hebert at

The Cohasset Mansion

The Cohasset Mansion

written by: PR Hebert


The good doctor
Bargained the purchase
Of a Cohasset Massachusetts mansion
With the aid of
The Bishop of Boston in 1952.

On 130 acres of remote
Wooded property
A sanatorium for alcoholics
And high profile addicts.

Photos show the mansion house
caretakers cottage, stables,
Paddocks, pool hall, and swimming pool.

The Doctor and his family’s residence
Took up 3 floors of the West wing
Replete with onyx fireplaces, mahogany furniture,
Leaded stained-glass windows

The balance encompassed 13 bedrooms,
Dining hall, recreation hall, kitchen and
A great room.

The medical staff resided in the
Mansion’s center and
Was staffed by
Two male nurses and one female nurse,

A hunchback assistant named Johnny
the good Doctor everywhere
and even ate meals with the family.

The good Doctor
Ran and administered the sanatorium.
He was the Doctor
And sometimes the patient.

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