The Dune Tribute, a poem by Maciej Pająk at
Jonatas Tinoco

The Dune Tribute

The Dune Tribute

written by: Maciej Pająk (Matthew)


the promised planet, sandworms alive, the waves of sand are sliding
we fight to death because we want – the treasure – the land is hiding
eternal flames, eternal war: Atreides against Harkonnens
is Paul the son, a new messiah? – so strong are his opponents

the Bene Gesserit created him, some say they’ve got black hearts
the weapon voice, the force of mind, seduction, martial arts
Muad’Dib will be his name, the Fremen he will unite
what is the mélange – he will reveal and sandworms he will ride

all of those visions – won’t fall apart – the sand is deep like ocean
the book I’m reading, is hot enough to melt my soul emotions
for me the bells the bugle thrills for me the constant tune
the place I am, with all my soul, is just the yellow Dune

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