The End of The Dark Tunnel, poem by Abu Siddik at

The End of The Dark Tunnel

The End of The Dark Tunnel

written by: Abu Siddik



The day broke
A child asked alms on my train
I kept my hands fisted
And sat quiet and cool.

I met a wounded dog on my way
I didn’t stop to heal it
“Let the dog-lovers do that,” I argued, and passed.

I watched Akmal knifing hens and ducks and birds
I withstood the marvellous Sunday morning scene
And patiently waited for my turn.

I met halooing labourers at Neemtala More,
Waiting to be sold for the day for a couple of notes
I spread smile, and learnt the ways of the world.

I watched sagging breasts, hollowed cheeks
Guarding their scented doors with empty looks,
I found the end of the dark tunnel.

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