The Fate of Humanity, poetry by Joni Caggiano at

The Fate of Humanity

The Fate of Humanity

written by: Joni Caggiano



sand left by doting fairies, sifting from somnolent eyes, as I awake from sleep
during the hours of words that drift between lovers, without needing to speak

I am awakening to water surrounding my bed, as mermaids with golden scales
laughing tender vocal notes with my velvet bunnies, now spinning infantile tales

their stuffing floating in the indigo waters, as a mermaid is whispering in my ear,
you must love with an active passion, or this earth may turn to dust, is our fear

she ties her bright red hair around my small waist in case I fall from my tiny bed
outside the house, water is high in the yard, as I perceive an overwhelming dread

nature cries in unison, as the old soul of a giant weeping willow senses my fears
limbs tangling as she is drowning with a million sad memories giving birth to tears

is it too late for us to truly love God and one another, I asked the angel carrying me
only God knows my dear, rest, as we glide over the gracious life that lives in the sea

her wings smelling of love, humpback whales breeching as dolphins and seals swim
waters teeming with energy will wait to see the hopeful fate of humans once again

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