The Fate of The City Lames, poetry by Solihu Abdulmumin at
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The Fate of The City Lames

The Fate of The City Lames

written by: Solihu Abdulmumin


Dabbing unwillingly to the tune played by nature,
Society approaches them with a lot of hatred,
Widely they are being exposed to barbaric torture,
Inflicted with sufferings as they are being oppressed.

Mongers around them are so self-centered,
Moving all around in their individual fancy cars,
No helping hand of any sort was being rendered,
Leaving behind in their heart some unhealing scars.

Struggling with life to meet up with standard of living,
Which make me tag them as the city-lames,
Giving them a great cause to cease not to strive,
They move around fully immersed in shame.

Tattered is their clothes as they wander around,
Hiding from sights to prevent being defaced,
Obstacles they face each day become abound,
This forces them to rendering themselves abase.

This is how things were for years in the past,
From generation to generation altering their fame,
Wondering for how long all these will last,
Where lies the fate of the city-lames*?


*  City-lames: i.e people with inabilities to meet society’s standards.

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