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The Gift of a Poem

The Gift of a Poem

written by: SmithaV



On your first birthday
From home
I gift you this poem
And I pray each verse
Envelopes you like summer’s warm embrace
The kind I’d give you if you were here.

I’m trying hard to string the words together
It’s easier
For me to write on pain, mundane or far-fetched things
But feelings
That I’ve allowed to settle to the depths of my heart
I’m not sure where to start
Or how.

I dare not think of how far
away you are
from me. Instead, I close my eyes and breathe in the air.
Conjuring up the scent in your hair-
the one right before it’s time for your next hair wash.
It works like an elixir- gosh!

Each time
Every time
And in my mind,
I see you by my side, asleep, your eyes fluttering
Your chest gently heaving
To a rhythm;
your soft breathing, a hymn
To my ear.

Now you know why, though you’re not here
It’s taken me so long to write you a poem.
This is how I’ve learnt to carry on till you’re back home-
Conjuring, loving, watching
you. Praying
that the cuckoo bird forever sings
and that you, my sweet child, spread your wings.

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