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Brooklyn Girl

Brooklyn Girl

written by: Nicole Cheng



I’m just an ordinary Brooklyn girl,
Despite I can be different from any other.
I’m just living in my own personal world.
A world where I can escape with my dark colors.
I’m always in my room, sitting in my bed,
Writing my depressing poetry and stories.
I wear clothes all black, purple and blood red,
I prefer to be alone and mysterious, but no worries!
Listening to Within Temptation, Lacuna Coil and Evanescence,
Even Story of the Year, Three Days Grace and Linkin Park.
I love listening to anything that’s haunting and full of suspense,
I love music that is spine-chilling, headbanging and dark.
Even though I may be living in my mysterious lonely world,
I am still me, an ordinary every day Brooklyn girl.

All the other girls love being feminine in pink,
I prefer to be in the dark, all creepy and scary.
All the other (stupid) girls text and never think,
Me, I read horror books, like Stephen King’s “Carrie.”
I love to stay in the dark empty shadows,
I prefer to stay away and be in isolation.
I keep myself within the hollows,
So no one can see me; it’s my temptation.
All the other girls love laughter and smiles,
I truly hate it; I find it really disgusting.
I love the sounds of distressed crying within miles,
Oh! I love to see blood running and erupting.
Don’t worry; I’m just living in my world,
Though I am still, at heart, an ordinary Brooklyn girl.

As the other (stupid) girls go to the mall,
I lock myself in my room, staring at the window.
I see skies very rainy, cloudy and gray overall,
And I hope there is no sun; not even a rainbow.
As the other (stupid) girls party and play,
I think of something sinister and deep.
I think of the Grim Reaper every day,
In hope he will get rid of them in the creep.
I just hope someday, the girls will cry and scream
In a lot of pain, horror, agony and fear.
It will be music to my ears; my perfect dream,
Oh, how I love the misery and despair.
Relax, I’m just living in my unique world,
I’m just being myself; still, as a typical Brooklyn girl.

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