The Grieving Mother, poetry by Charlene at
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The Grieving Mother

The Grieving Mother

written by: Charlene


She watched him die.
She knew he was no longer breathing.
She held him tight never did she want to let him go.

Any breaths she took after this she felt were no longer needed.
Her heart forever would be bleeding.

Others would treat her as a plague.
Their fear would show whenever she spoke to them holding their children’s polity-only greeting.
If only they understood she was only a grieving mother.
She had lost her child. She never wished it upon another.

Weak from the pain that submerges she screams and shouts RETURN TO ME.
He never does, no matter how much love she has for him.

She looks up above and cries.
Gripping her chest she remembers him to keep his memory alive.

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