The Hand She Dealt to Me II written by Phyllis P. Colluci at

The Hand She Dealt to Me II

The Hand She Dealt to Me II

written by: Phyllis P. Colucci



Lia. Ready for free reading? Come. We sit in private room behind red velvet curtain. This way you feel more comfortable for reading and you can ask questions if you like.

Do you mind if Carla sits in with me this first time? She’s my good friend and I would like her to be part of this Amira.

Of course Lia. If you feel more comfortable. I think you like support from friend. This is new for you. I understand. Please Carla, you come. You join us. Follow me my friends. Lia, you must understand that tarot reveals many personal things. Is this okay for friend to hear?

There is nothing Carla hasn’t heard about me and my life. It’s fine Amira.

…Okay then, Lia please sit across from me at table. Carla, you sit on couch to the left of Lia. Good. Now we begin. Carla, you can listen, but please say nothing. This is reading for Lia only. I must not be interrupted when I concentrate on tarot. Do you understand Carla?

I won’t say a word. My lips are sealed.

Very good Carla. Okay Lia, please choose nine tarot cards and leave face down on the table. …Good. Now I will do spread with cards you choose and I will begin reading, as I turn each card over. You listen carefully, and you may ask me any question you like.
…I see you are very kind lady. You have lots of friends. But lots of people feel jealous of you. They jealous of your family, your home, your money. They wish bad thing on you so that you lose all the good that you have. Do you understand me? I think you feel this sometimes. This hurts you, but you try to put it out of your head because you trust people too much…Ah, and I see wonderful man in your life. Husband, maybe? He make you very happy and you love him very much. But you want to be closer to him, but he is busy man. He loves you, but not the way you would like. His work gets in the way. Do you understand? You want to be closer in bedroom and husband is overworked, very tired. He wants to be close to you too, but sometimes he just wants sleep at night since he work very hard. This is much bother for you and you try to get him to make love at night, to be close to you. He wants to make love to you Lia, but his body feels weak, tired. He needs sleep for busy job. This makes you sad, but you try very hard to understand him…Ah yes, the cards also reveal a very pretty young woman in your life who you love deeply. You worry about this young lady. I see creativity around her. She has connection to the arts. I see mother/daughter relationship? Yes. A very close relationship. But, again, you worry over career she choose. You fear she cannot make good living from this career. But you support her in this career…I see charming young man around this girl. Boyfriend maybe? He is very close to the family and he adores this young girl. He has young mind and young heart. This worries you. You fear he may not commit to daughter one day or that daughter may be hurt in this relationship. You understand me? But do not worry. This is all part of bad karma from people who wish bad on you and family. They put curse on you and family by their jealousy, by their envy. This is not your fault Lia.

Amira! Please! I need you to stop a minute! What people wish us bad? Who? Tell me who? Name names. I have great friends and family. I can’t imagine any of them wishing us bad. We’re all doing fine. My husband, my daughter, her boyfriend. What are you saying here Amira?!

Lia, please. Understand that sometimes these are people we do not know in person. They could be neighbors you not very close to. They could be people your family meets during the day, people your husband sees on job. People who you may have little talk with who admire you at first, then feel like their lives are not as good as your life. They become jealous. These negative feelings awaken the bad spirits who invade you spiritually and surround you with bad karma and negativity. Sometimes these people do not mean to do harm, but they create these bad things by their bad thoughts. You understand me Lia? I think you do. I am sure you felt negativity around you at times. No Lia? Let me continue now. Please understand the tarot does not lie. Now I also see man very close to your husband who sometimes feels jealous of him. Jealous of his marriage to you. He likes husband very much and he feels close to your family and means no harm, but his jealousy causes more bad karma for you. This man maybe not lucky in love. He envies you and husband and relationship you share. You understand me Lia? I think you may know this man very well.

Are you talking about our good friend Gary?! Who Amira?! Tell me. Do you mean Gary? My husband’s partner?

Perhaps my friend. He is very good man Lia. But he bring bad karma because he is jealous of husband and family. He is not aware he is doing this, but I must make you know of such things, so we can work together and rid your life of bad karma Lia. Please, now let me continue…Ah…yes…I also see you like pretty things. You like nice clothes, nice jewelry. You a little bit materialistic, but everything you have you and husband work hard for. Your husband treats you with love and kindness and he buys you expensive gifts. Beautiful gifts. You enjoy this attention. You like to show off your good fortune sometimes, but only because you are proud person, not because you are malicious. People take this the wrong way. You understand? You both shower daughter with beautiful gifts. She is very special to you. You are very kind to friends. If they like something you have, you give it up willingly so they may have it too. You like to help people, especially your friends and family. You enjoy to have very close friendships. Sometimes you feel closer to friends than family. You confide in your friends. They confide in you. You find much comfort from family and close friends. I also see you enjoy being outdoors, walking through the park, staying close to the heavens, enjoying God’s gifts of nature. Do you like to watch birds, animals sometimes? I see you are animal lover.

Of course you see that Amira. That’s where we first met. In the park, if you recall. Actually you were feeding the birds.

Yes, of course Lia. I know this, but I also see this in tarot. This is tarot now Lia, not me, revealing this. Please, allow me to go on. I see you also enjoy traveling with family. You’ve seen many places in your life and you have desire to continue to travel. You like to make good home for family. Sometimes you feel no one appreciates all that you do. You feel they love you, but they do not notice how hard you work to make nice home. Do you understand me Lia? But I see happy future for you and family. I see a future with much love, lots of money, good friends, good health. But I also see this bad karma in your way. Lia, you need to come back for more readings and spiritual guidance. I want to help you rid this bad karma so your life can be good life – better life. You are too kind to have this negativity around you. Too many people wish bad for you. I can help you get rid of this bad karma. If you allow this to continue without my help, things can get much worse where it will be harder to control. Oh Lia, I do not want to say what tarot is revealing now, but you must know. I see danger. Danger for you and family. This is not good Lia. The cards reveal some kind of danger in future, but it is not quite clear yet. I can only give you warning now. We must stop this before it happens. Please let me help you Lia before it is too late. Do not let bad karma consume you and perhaps destroy you my friend.

Amira! What are you trying to do here with Lia?! What game are you playing?! Why are you frightening her like that?!

This is no game Carla! This can be very serious. You would be very wise if you convince Lia to let me help her. She is your friend. Help me to help her. Please! I beg of you!

Lia, I think it’s time for us to go.

Amira, please! This is getting ridiculous. How could you tell me such bad things will happen? Why are you trying to put fear into me? You’re exaggerating things Amira! This can’t be true.

Exaggerate Lia? Please forgive me, but your language is difficult for me. What is this word exaggerate? What this mean?

It means that you are making things seem much worse than they really are. I don’t know what you see in your Tarot cards Amira, but I don’t feel this negativity in my life as you say. I really don’t think I want another tarot reading. I don’t believe in this. I only stopped by today to wish you well with your new shop. I accepted the free reading you offered as a friendly gesture. To refuse you would have been rude. That’s it. I have nothing more to say about this. I’m glad we met and I do appreciate you wanting to help me, but I am fine. I would know if things are bad in my life. I don’t need the tarot to tell me that. Actually, I feel the opposite. My family and I are very much happy Amira. Things are going well for all of us.

Lia, my dear friend, the Tarot does not lie. I have gift that most people do not have. I can see things about people’s lives, their future, even before they know it. I can see good and evil. I can warn people, guide people, and help them get past bad karma before it gets out of control. I can help you Lia. Let me help you my friend. Do you believe in chance meeting? Well I believe that is what brought us together in the park. My mission is to help you. I feel it in my soul Lia. I do not want danger to touch your life. I can help stop it. You must listen to me my friend. Please!

Okay Amira. That’s enough. I thank you for the free reading. I will hold onto your card and I will come back if I feel there is a need. Okay? But for now, all is well with me and my family. Really. Thank you for your concern. I appreciate that. I really do. But it’s time for me to go.

Do not leave yet my friend. Let me give you more candles. Please Lia. Listen to me. Put a candle in each room of your house. These candles will help purify home and keep all evil away. They will allow only good to live within your walls. The candles will help you to enjoy only peace and harmony. I will give you special love candle for bedroom too. This will bring you closer to husband.

Okay, Lia. Time to go. We’ve taken up enough of your time Amira.

Carla my friend, I have enjoyed this time we spent together today. You are my new friends. I feel close to you both. I feel strong bond between us. All I want to do is to help Lia – from the bottom of my heart. Please come by and visit any time. Please. Lia, I offer you free reading again. If you need me, I am here for you. – Here, at least take these candles before you leave shop. Come now. I walk you to the door. Let me give you hug Lia. Do not be afraid of me. I sense your fear. Do not be afraid of what tarot reveals. This is good thing. Tarot is your friend. I am your friend. I can help you Lia before any harm can come to you and family. You must believe me. You must trust in me, trust in tarot. – Oh my dear Carla, thank you for coming to shop with Lia. I believe she needed support from you today. You are good friend. Believe me, you did big favor to her today. You help save her by coming here. You must come back.

Amira. Lia and I really need to go right now. Enough tarot for today.

I understand Carla. This is enough for today. Yes. But Lia, please listen to me. I warn that you must come back to see me again so we may continue.

Look Amira, thank you for the reading, thank you for the crystals and the candles, and thank you for sharing your lunch with us today. I think I got a little more than I bargained for and it’s time for me to leave. This was quite an experience. – Carla. Are you ready?

I’m right behind you Lia. – Amira. It was a pleasure. Enjoy the rest of your day and good luck with your shop. Thank you for everything. Be well Amira.

Carla, before you go, please take my card.

No thank you Amira. I know where your shop is. I don’t need your card.

Lia, you have my card if you need me. Call me. Please. I am only phone call away or just visit away.

Yes Amira, yes. Carla please, let’s just go. Again, thank you for your hospitality Amira. You were very kind.

Go in peace my friends. May God watch over you.



Another excerpt from my novel, “The Hand She Dealt to Me” (Tarot, Psychic, Suspense, Danger, Betrayal)

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