The Ice Storm, flash fiction by NT Franklin at

The Ice Storm

The Ice Storm

written by: NT Franklin


The ice storm knocked out power two days ago and there was little hope of electric service for the next several days. His box of matches should hold out.

Roger made his way across the dark town the first night. The sky was dark with the new moon, darker than he’d ever seen it. He silently made his way the five miles to that man’s house. He who was born to privilege and Daddy has a room full of lawyers. Drunk as a skunk, plowed right into Rebecca a year ago. Roger loved Rebecca, only she didn’t know it yet. Now she never will.

Community service, that’s all her life was worth.

The third day Roger went, the house was aglow, and a throaty generator loudly protested each additional light turned on. All the other houses on the block were dark, and cars in driveway weren’t the neighbors. His rich friends were at his black-out party.

Roger’s scoped 30-06 was black, as was his attire. Roger used the stone wall as a gun rest and waited. That man stood up and started pouring wine into glasses held in outstretched arms.

The shot was barely audible above the din of the generator.

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