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The Invisible Prison

written by: Usolosopher



We live in a country where
Cell phone towers are everywhere
Even on elementary and middle
School campuses
We are now in this electric
Radiation concentration camp
Where the majority of us are
Glued to our cell phones
No longer or even rarely
Speaking to each other
Becoming physically sick
Because of the mass radiation blanket
We all live in
Getting cancer frequently
And other illnesses rapidly
Due to this neurological poison
Entering our bodies
When will we realize
That we have been bamboozled
Once again
From the colonization
Of mass empires
Leaving oceans of blood
Now killing us
In this invisible radiation prison



My name is Molimau Andrew Fatu. I am a Samoan poet from Long Beach, California. I have started writing poetry in middle school to try to get at girls. I am currently a college student at California State University Dominguez Hills. My poet/spoken word name came from Uso meaning brother in the Samoan language and losopher coming from me being a philosophy major.

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