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The Lone Sunflower

The Lone Sunflower

written by: Cindy Georgakas


My grateful feet walk the besieged earth.
I breathe in the cool fresh air with raindrops pouring down on me.
Tears of
joy and sadness
held simultaneously
Imprinted in my heart.

Love pours forth
for the dying,
Arms open amongst bleeding hearts and tortured souls whose mother never taught them.

Love’s promise
is to
restore faith in humanity when we’ve been shaken and
given up all hope,
but how?

I stop to gaze
in the eyes of this lone sunflower.
Others are buried or never sewn to face the sun.

I ask, “are you God, because if you are,
why do we
still have
such atrocities”?

The sky is empty as clouds shed light
while darkness looms
and we hold onto
each other
in solidarity.

Seeds become volunteers and rescue
each one of us…
the living and the dying.

I hear a faint whisper…
“I am God but I have no answers”.
Surely, God should know but instead I hear
“Save your breath,
stay the course;
Anger never conquered battles fought”.

Those that have gone before you have other things to do….
They’re holding up the sky, so let their light reflect upon you.

While you stand strong, forgive the unforgivable and love with all your might.

Spring has sprung
And we will walk
On water once again
Hand in hand in
shelter and support.

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