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The Lost Paradise

The Lost Paradise

written by: Bitupan Das


“And miles to go before I sleep,
And miles to go before I sleep.” – Robert Frost


The hiker signed the register copy with these inspiring lines of Robert Frost and put the register copy in the box. Then he started to walk through the desire line of the beautiful woods. Though he was walking like a small child chasing his favorite doll his face seemed to be lost somewhere in the past. He was in a hurry but didn’t know why.
After walking few minutes he reached a beautiful pasture. A gentle breeze touched his face and he closed his eyes with a deep breath. His face seemed calm and free, and his hair started to dance in the breeze like his heartbeat with a rhythm that he had lost a long time ago. Maybe this was not the déjà vu that he always had. The Sun started to smile like a new married girl biting the mountain veil. The Red Sun looked like the bindia on her forehead. The clouds were dancing with each other reading the love poems of lovers of some foreign land. The birds were flying in the broad old sky and singing the best old love song of some foreign land. And the lake water flowing from the old calm Himalayan mountain peak and producing the kind of music like the symphony of Beethoven. Mozart would be so jealous of such a composition. This was the best opera produced by almighty nature. Music is so powerful. It can heal people from any kind of pain. And this one was the best of them.
The wild goats were grazing in the green pasture enjoying the great composition of almighty nature and a colorful Himalayan monal pheasant teasing and resting on the horn of a wild goat. Both fighting like two childhood bosom friends. When the goat started chasing the bird in anger, the bird flew away far and laughed seeing the angry face. This could really remind anyone of his childhood friend, whom he lost in the battle of life sailing the ship of the time. And there the Musk deer playing with joy far away from the human. Though the musk deer live far away from human habitation, human greed always finds them for their musk. That is why maybe he was happy today.
This is utopia. A place no shadow can haunt you.

Near the lake, there was an old man. He was sitting on a bench and observing the activity of the hiker with a mystic smile. The hiker noticed the incident and walked closer to him.



Few lines from my debut novel “The Lost Paradise”. A story of love, life, death, politics, destruction, social suffocation, saving humanity, identity. A dark corner everyone should be aware of…..(otherwise it will grow and engulf the whole world)

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