The Man of Adria, a poem written by S.S at
Ante Hamersmit

The Man of Adria

The Man of Adria

written by: S.S


Midst the life’s continual tumults,
I’ve sought, and found solace,
in those endless persevering waves,
and the proudly rising swells,

But never did I know,
of its earthly elucidation,
And through a traverse,
upon the bridges of countless verses,
I found, the sea’s personification,

Resting ‘tween the lush green walls,
of the fragrances of the summer,
and sojourning in the pristine white,
of the frosty winters,
Amidst the virgin wildflowers,
Dwells the ever charming,
Man of Adria,

With the mind of an odist,
and a soul, as pure as the winter’s mist,
He reigns the winds and the skies,
and the captivating sprawling lands,
of the fascinating Dacian terrains,
and majestically mirrors the vastness,
of the sea upon the soil,

Astonishing it is,
I always wondered,
Of my undying faith,
and an ever deepening curiosity,
to measure the depths of the sea,
Only to end up finding,
the sea ‘himself’,
unravelling its mystery…

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