The Mosaic written by Charlie Bottle at

The Mosaic

The Mosaic

written by: Charlie Bottle



in my brokenness,
i looked at the shards
of what was once me,
and as i weep,
tears roll from countless eyes,
and, i stop to catch my breath,
between my soulful cries,
i pray for those,
who, i have in the past,
made victim of my barbed words,
and pounded them with the weight of hate,
and i forgive, as i beg forgiveness,
i give mercy, as i seek mercy,
for in this moment, i am at the back,
of the bus, and i am also in front,
privileged and underprivileged,
one soul, bound by chains,
of having it all,
and nothing at all,
my life defined by a moment,
or by the moments that define my life.

You pick one piece,
the strangest part of me,
and you bind it with love,
and encase it in mercy,
that all who come by, may see,
all that your love can be,
the grand mosaic of your amazing grace.

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