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The Narcissist

written by: Alisa Guttadauro



The narcissist can do nothing wrong,
Manipulating you with her song,
Seething with jealousy when you do something right,
Never admitting to her own plight,
Blaming everyone else for the way of her life,
Causing the victim internal strife,
No one can be smarter than she,
the ultimate example of hypocrisy,
What a wretched, depressing fate,
When the narcissist’s abuse doesn’t abate.
She’ll twist and turn your every word,
Until your voice goes unheard,
Her sarcasm taunts and picks at your brain,
With the melting effects of acid rain,
A constant game of ping pong you’ll play,
When the narcissist has her way.
Try to reason and plead your case,
She’ll cut you off and laugh in your face,
Don’t try to figure out her intention,
she doesn’t think you’re worth a mention,
She wears a mask of constant peril,
Lurking where anything is sterile,
Always there when you make a mistake,
if you’re struggling, her happiness she cannot fake,
Your mental health must not be forsaken,
She’ll never stop, always trying to break you,
Escape while you can and don’t look back,
The narcissist will follow your track,
Best to break all ties to be free,
Of the dragon breathing down on me.

Alisa Guttadauro

Alisa Guttadauro

My name is Alisa Guttadauro. I am an Indie Author, and just published my first children's book. I have a passion for writing, which I developed in middle school. I also write poetry, and I'm a bookworm, spending many a day in the library.
Alisa Guttadauro

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