The Nation - Nigeria, poetry written by Charles David at

The Nation – Nigeria

The Nation – Nigeria

written by: Charles David


Green Eden with rushing rivers and eternal, her birth,
Fed peace-loving acme by virtue of heroes past,
From early eleven hundred BC, slave transatlantic,
But giant of Africa and conquest over tempest,

Monocle eyes of history besotted with rise and fall,
Toyed of rights and menace of cataract civil war fall,
Home to ancient aborigine kingdoms over millennia,
Unity, faith, peace and progress; anklets of Nigeria,

Through traditional chiefdoms and pre-existing power,
The trucial states gained thee protected dependence o’er
Bloody coup d’état and riddles of the nascent democracy,
But sweet tales of epic battles in past timeline autocracy,

Bounded with faith, peaceful coexistence and freedom,
Let all compatriots of Nigeria dream for a better nation,
Let all her ethnics share from what they’re bounded for,
To serve with the love of God and humanity, to achieve peace,

So God of creation shall guide us all from life sentiments,
Those that seem better but absolute vanity and adversity,
In prayers remember the noble cause of youths and leaders,
Settlers and heroes, so meet the unending bliss of heaven!

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