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Stacey Gabrielle Koenitz Rozells

My Child

My Child

written by: LadyLily



I am the narrator streaming with words…
A mother, less…
Absent of your being, a silent cocoon deafens my spirit,
an unseen, derelict space.
Secret chord, violet, soft chiffon link,
stronger than steel, unites us.
We will meet again.

Nothing prepared my soul for that moment
when the world became a stranger.
Rainbow’s edge pierced my being.
I fell…
I fell to sodden earth and died inside.
Still…sunbeam swords christened foiled lakes
and Swans delight beneath a bewildered Moon.

Scribble blindly, pencil darts to virgin paper.
Soul reflections compete with fantasied desires…
Punch mountains, sweep all lands…
Just to say ‘Goodbye’, and hope
for solace in unfinished future dreams,
where the world will dazzle in optical illusion.

I do not see you…
I feel you, a weighty purple mist.
Your thought forms divert vibrations to my psyche…
An explosion of art, my mind’s eye amazed.
Love delivered; an apron filled with Roses.
Heaven reopens, corn is gold,
mother nature gifts a Ruby around my heart.

I tread earthbound paths,
searching for my shadow,
I belong to nothing a figure of fate.
Winds moan a lifetime of mourning.

In dreamscapes you kiss my forehead once again,
my shattered spirit briefly expires.
We walk where Bluebells drip indigo,
their waxen bells shine as ancient sapphires.
Love you, my beautiful child.


Dedicated to all parents who have lost a child.
Remember this…We will meet them again!

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