The Speed of Love, a poem written by Roger Turner at
Masha Raymers

The Speed of Love

The Speed of Love

written by: Roger Turner



I met her many years ago
Not knowing where we’d head
It took a while to find out
Then we ended up in bed

Love is a slow moving thing
Not quite the same as lust
The one it has no feeling
The other, it needs trust

Work it right and you will find
That love will come around
It’s just like starting a new path
You hold the grass down to the ground

Like a snail moving a boulder
The speed is not that fast
But, with time and trust you’ll learn that
Love will surely last

Love is quite a fragile thing
You can find that in a fight
Love can turn to hate real fast
Hate is the speed of light

So, take your time, be careful
Know which is love or lust
Hate is always waiting
To turn one of them to dust

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