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View From The Window…

View From The Window…



Moonshine Achillea,
In its most brilliant yellow,
Complimented by light blue Ageratum,
Standing proud and majestic,
Amongst the borders,
Which surround,
A rain softened lawn?

Fragrance from red velvet roses,
On a steady but gentle breeze,

Over, in what could be called,
A secluded corner,
Stood the Apple tree,
Awash with white blossom,
And busy swooning bees,

Tortoiseshell butterflies,
Could be seen,
Over sweet smelling violet lavenders,

A pale green bird box attached,
To a white pebble dash wall,
Was being visited,
By a pair of Blue Tits,
Hues of blue, yellow and green,
It was now time for spring,
To bid farewell,
As it waved goodbye,

Which had been patiently waiting,
Would finally have the chance,
To provide a warming sun,

That could only eclipse,
The magic Spring had created,
In the beautiful cottage garden….

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