The Unmerry Of Xmas riddle written by Liam Ward at

The Unmerry Of Xmas

The Unmerry Of Xmas

written by: Liam Ward (The Judge)



To bring the ho’s and the holly

I’m not the man called saint jolly.

I bring the town down to shame.

To take all food and toys is my game.

To one that cares with grand cheer.

With my sidekick there is nothing I fear.

I stand on my hilltop almighty and proud.

Stolen goods in my grasp as I gaze at the crowd.

Singing joyfully so happy without screams or a cry.

There are no presents to give and my heart wonders why.

To be together holding hands with no care.

To be so happy with no presents to share.

To question the meaning of Xmas I do not get.

For I am the one to be unset.



Liam Ward (The Judge)

Liam Ward (The Judge)

My Name is Liam Ward I am known by my friends as "The Judge". I am currently writing a book about dating lifestyles and relationships. I am a matchmaker but I also teach gentleman how to social with woman. I initially got into showing how to open into groups of people with riddles and quizzes from questions from the internet or stuff I came up with a while ago. I'm a big survivalists and zombie enthusiasts. I recently just realized my true potential of unlocking my brain to not just writing a book but enveloping my own riddles made with a twist. After I started one I could not stop and the words just kept flowing through my brain.
Liam Ward (The Judge)

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