My Christmas Wish List Poem written by Donna Africa at

My Christmas Wish List Poem

My Christmas Wish List Poem

written by: Donna Africa



Every dreamer to dream,
every lover to love,
every child to grow,
every heart a beat,
every song a melody,
every war to peace,
every frown to smile,
every tear to laughter,
every sadness to gladness,
every sorrow to happiness.

Every coward to boldness,
every negative to positive,
every low to high,
every loneliness to companionship,
every hardship to endurance,
every fear to bravery,
every greed to charity,
every selfishness to selflessness.
every taker to giver,
every loser to winner.

Every poet a prose,
every artist a muse,
every writer a word,
every singer a song,
every thespian a stage,
every have not a have,
every wrong to rights,
every bitterness to forgiveness,
every poverty to riches,
every famine to feast.

Every illness to wellness,
every disappointment to achievement,
every deflation to elation,
every hatred to love,
every hurt to heal,
every whisper heard,
every star to shine,
every darkness to lightness,
every abuse to tenderness,
every violence to embrace.

Every starvation to nutrition,
every evil to goodness,
every despair to hope,
every ugliness to beauty,
every lie to truths,
every repression to liberation,
every destruction to creation,
every doubt to belief,
every anger to abate,
every defeatism to optimism.

Every weapon to disarm,
every violation to justification,
every suffering to cease,
every explorer an exploration,
every question an answer,
every visionaire a vision,
every entertainer an act,
every aspiration to inspiration,
every unrest to peace,
every discord to harmony.

Every abandonment to reunion,
every dream to reality,
every blindness to vision,
every cripple to walk,
every division to solidarity,
every homelessness to haven,
every disillusionment to enlightenment,
every stupidity to sagacity,
every soul a saviour,
every guilt to acceptance.

Every past a future,
every Judas to confidante,
every foe to friend,
every lost to found,
every apathy to ardently,
every insecurity to equilibrium,
every dancer a dance,
every barrenness to bountiful,
every futility to success,
every pain to pleasure.

Every seed to sow,
every harvest to reap,
every prayer answered,
every weakness to strength,
every creation to procreation,
every life to let live,
and to live & carry on as one,
as this is my hope and wish
list for tomorrow’s world.


Written by Donna Africa
© Donna Africa


I wish you all a happy, healthy, peaceful and prosperous Christmas and New Year.
May your dreams become your reality!

With Luv, Light and Liberty!
Donna Africa
“The Queen of Dreams”

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