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They Call My Name

They Call My Name

written by: Jack Wolfe Frost



In the black night of my soul, they beckon me, possess me,
They call my name; they scratch my skin with talons and claws of fire,
Itching, tearing, burning,
They pervade my mind with fears unknown – yet terror, doom, despair, and guilt,
Memories – of a life before – now long lost,
Replaced by my Demons,
Who call my name.

I awake and they still beckon,
With thunder-beats my heart runs fast, for this is not a bad dream,
I know my fears are real, I am damned, forever caught in my hell,
As a river, my sweat pours, drowning me and engulfing the night,
And still, they call my name.

For how long shall the torment and terror be here?
For my Demons inside, to be still and give me rest?
I know not, it is still dark, still silent,
And the dark knows my secrets, my life, and my soul,
The dark, who calls me by name.

The dark slowly fades; dawn awakens, redemption comes near,
The torments do fade; my mind waits: for release from bondage and fear,
I will now rest, soon,
My sweet, dark lady beckons, a smile on her face,
And I call her name.

I drink of my dark lady, it has to be done, and soon,
My terrors, fears, all feeling driven away and banished,
My dark lady, once more my friend, my lover, and my enemy,
She gives me my rest, wings me to oblivion…

…Until the dark reappears,
And they call me by name.



This poem has been personal for many years, the fact I have now been sober for 12 years, I feel it is time to release that part of me to the world.

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