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If Santa Was Real

written by: Simona Prilogan



If Santa was real, I would ask him to bring people closer to
each other and make this globe peaceful.
If Santa was real, I would beg him to remove sorrows of the
humans and enlighten their souls with joy.
If Santa was real, I would ask him for the gift of love, and
kindness among people of all races and religions.
If Santa was real, I would ask him for the of sense of care and
safety in us for our mother nature.
I wholeheartedly wish that the Santa was real!

Simona Prilogan

Simona Prilogan

I am a Romanian healthcare professional and an amateur writer of prose and poetry. For about 4 years, English has become my secondary language, as I moved to the UK. Yet one of the biggest challenges is writing poetry in English.
Simona Prilogan

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