Only A Phone Call written by Sarojkanta Dash at

Only A Phone Call

Only A Phone Call

written by: Sarojkanta Dash


Whether to receive my call
or reject
was your choice
But I had no way out
But to call
And I did.

It had behind it-
The strength
Of friendship
The assurance that flowed out
Of your mouth, and, above all
The strength of
Built up through the years.

It was made under the pressure
Of Time
That was slipping fast through the fingers,
I felt.
The favour I sought
was a few kind words
That could help me stand
The cruel talons of Time
On my bleeding heart.

Nothing more.
Nothing more.

You chose to reject.
And something within me snapped
Leaving behind a gunshot.

My heart is still bleeding
But for a different reason.

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