Thirst For More, a poem by Mark Tulin at

Thirst For Me

Thirst For More

written by: Mark Tulin



When I was an infant,
I wanted to get out of the crib
in the worst way—
but I would not cry for mommy
because I wanted to break out
on my own.

So, I stood up,
balanced on two wobbly legs,
held onto the rail with fatty fingers,
while my underdeveloped brain
planned my great escape.

I didn’t know where I would go
or how dangerous the world was.
But I knew I wanted freedom
to crawl in open spaces,
to see where all the sounds
was coming from.

What’s more,
I wanted adults to see me
as a worthy human being,
and not only an infant in Pull-Ups
who doesn’t eat solid food.

Although the food tasted familiar,
I was bored with a warm bottle,
and Gerber’s mushy apples and pears.
It never satisfied my hunger,
or thirst for adventure.

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