Thought Clouds, poetry written by Diane Leopard at

Thought Clouds

Thought Clouds

written by: Diane Leopard



Clouds like thoughts drift high in the sky,
Fluffy and white
Gentle and kind,
Forever changing just like the mind.

Clouds like thoughts change minute by minute
Storm clouds gather
Dark and gloomy
Angst and worry roll through the mind.

But, place your thoughts onto the clouds
Watch them float far away,
When rain clouds clear, blue skies appear
Don’t let thoughts cloud your mind.



‘Thought clouds’ was inspired by the beautiful photo of clouds that I took in France whilst on holiday.

Diane Leopard

Diane Leopard

I am 50 something and 'YOU' is the first poem I have ever written. In 2013 I was devastated when I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Shortly after my five year review I found myself reflecting on life and these words flowed from the heart. I now present poetry and a series of non-clinical photographs called 'Focus on Emotions' to help people understand the emotional impact of a cancer diagnosis. I am also an award winning complementary therapist, keen photographer and write as a guest blogger.
Diane Leopard

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