Three Poems About Childhood by Ivan de Monbrison at

Three Poems About Childhood

Three Poems About Childhood

written by: Ivan de Monbrison


an open cylinder or a jaw
same stuff somehow
to die out of playing
a strange
and idiotic game of cards
hearts or spades
or some letters carved
into the glass
it was such long time ago
before death
(the window
broken with a stone)
had started crying and yelling
and pouring insults on you
like some kind of crazy witch
that would have stepped
all dressed in black and white
some old celluloid
in the middle of a movie

our sole reality


so little depth in this skull
crater of bones
a hole
hiding in it
like inside a hollow tooth
strange cavity
it could be
a cell or a hideout
you get the impression
of slowly drowning
senseless feeling
of never
have been really alive
but clearly aware
all that time
that those
made out of ash
had been previously
so meticulously sewn
onto some transparent skin


the wall had just fallen
you narrowly escaped
having nowhere to go
on the threshold
with right behind you
the four limbs of your room
being glued together
no empty space was left
for you to breathe
and glaring through
the night
you could but only guess
spread out over a desk
the open window
of a sheet of paper
where one had been
all along
colluding there some lunacy
busy at erasing
all the photos
all the colors
all the shadows
then you suddenly
sprang out of bed
a bit like out of a pit

bed or grave

smile or scar

thus bargaining your misery

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