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Time Is A Crime

Time is a crime

written by: Poeticallypleased



The past may not have been a blast

Remembering all those times of flabbergast,
Then abruptly feeling the heavy-hearted downcast.
Rain, rain, go away,
Come back another day
Maybe when time isn’t passing, as like on a birthday.
Time haunts with a chase
All with a pearly white smile upon its face
We try and try to catch up and hold with its pace.
Forgetting or repressing all the wrong we had caused
Wishing we could have paused.
The past, once again, makes its abrupt entrance
Not caring who it pains, it has no preference
Enough is enough, we want our vengeance!
Time spent feeling anything but the lovely, is time wasted
Like when that boy we hated
Stole our seconds, minutes, and hours, leaving us frustrated.
Maybe along the way we fell into a puddle of love
But then suddenly he got sick of
How we had become to fit in his life like a pitcher’s glove.
As the stars are aligned
We think of only the kind, leaving us with a peace of mind
But we remember that sometimes what was left behind is better left behind.



Just a girl who found needed to make sense of things and the only way she knew was through words.

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