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Death Of A Song

written by: Deepti Singh


A storm builds up somewhere
A river melts and swells
I can see you walk by the sands
Deep within a loneliness splits
It bleeds
I can see you through the dark
You walk into the sun
I can see your footprints across the sky
The blood curdles
A few breaths die
It's cold by the aisle
You turn back and smile into the oblivion
You hum a song I had written for you
I can see you have forgotten the last lines
Certain songs are better left incomplete you say
You walk away
Two suns sink
The river runs out of ink
Words dry

Deepti Singh

Deepti Singh

I am a doctor by profession with a passion for writing especially on nature and human behaviour and relationship.
Am currently on my first novel which will be a work of fiction.
Deepti Singh

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